Nails to the King [2020]

           Chalk on recycled paper

A small selection of graphic works made of ink, acrylic and chalk

A detail from one of my new drawings. Pencil, crayon and ink on torn brown gift wrapping paper



       Harvest (killing fields)

  Ink and acrylic paint on paper [2018]

Greed (Black Heart) (2011)


(Black acrylic color and pencil on paper)

4 sketches made with chalk


Young man in overcoat

(gift for Mie)

(Ink, graphite and acrylic color)

Fast sketch made with pencil

on cheap recycled paper



Made with red chalk on 120 gr. paper

Study of Tollundmanden

Pencil on cheap recycled paper


  Withering Away... (2005)

    Pencil on cheap paper

Little Boy

Pencil on cheap recycled paper

Rex est mortuus

Pencil on paper

Bob Dylan '66

Pencil on paper